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Tricks&Tips (Pistas)
- I don't always have time to go into my phone and then open Sheets and mark down temperatures, etc.
What I do is simply use my phone to take a picture of the temperature readings. When I get home and I fill in the information, I simply look at my pics and use the info from there.

- Most of the info can be filled in at home. Some of the data can be obtained from the internet, such as humidity, sun rise and sunset.


- En lugar de perder el tiempo poniendo los datos en el movil cada parada o cada vez que mido algo, tomo una foto de lo que estoy midiendo y con calma en casa, cuando estoy introduciendo datos en el WRAPP, miro las fotos.
Asi, me ahorro un montón de tiempo.

- La mayoría de los datos se pueden rellenar en casa. Algunos datos se encuentran por internet: la humedad, la salida y puesta de sol.

Your excuses get you 0% closer to your goals.
- Lorenzo
For more professional users:

The more fractional / granular the data, the more easily extracted or used.

example: instead of "Tire age & cycles", separating 'age' and 'cycles' would give simple quantitative values that can then be graphed or searched for individually. You can have a tire with 1400 km with only 2 heat cycles, and if logged separately for km and for cycles (instead of in the same data entry) this would allow an easier and more varied extrapolation of the data.

The only disadvantage is that the spreadsheet becomes larger and there's a little more scrolling.

Your excuses get you 0% closer to your goals.
- Lorenzo

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